“Americas Now” anchor Elaine Reyes had the rare opportunity to sit down with Evo Morales, President of Bolivia. They discussed many things from sovereignty and the future of the region to Bolivia’s ties with China. President Morales also addressed Bolivia’s fight to regain access to the Pacific Ocean.

When Evo Morales, first became Bolivia’s president in 2006, one of his first challenges was to tackle the country’s extreme poverty. He angered the U.S. and its allies when he kicked Bechtel out of the country, and took back control of the country’s water supply. Bechtel was charging citizens extreme prices for water that most could not afford. As the nation’s first indigenous leader he has implemented social policies and programs that have resulted in strong financial growth, a reduction in poverty, and better healthcare and education despite a growing economic crisis in the region.

President Morales presents different views on politics and policies, the state of the Latin American region, and U.S. foreign policy.